Kent and East Sussex Underground

Unfortunately we have no copies of the KURG publication, "Kent and East Sussex Underground" available at present.

Copies can be obtained from Moore Books

Caves and Tunnels in South East England - Part 15

Also available at £5.50 including postage, again from, is the latest volume of the Records.
Contents include:-
  • A bunker in the Home Counties
  • The Wilderness, Tunbridge Wells
  • South East Group Emergency Centre, Lambeth
  • Stifford, Essex - Subsidence's
  • Beachy Head caves
  • 'Paddock', London - Bunker
  • St Peters - Chalk mines
  • Hartley - Chalkwell
  • Wadhurst, Sussex - Iron Mine
  • Fort Borstal, Chatham

Sample Newsletter

You can download a sample Kent Underground Research Group newsletter in PDF format by clicking on the image to the left.